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Everyone loves easy-to-use applications. Just use the new “Reply with attachment!” buttons in your Outlook (up from 2013).

Outlook Add-In: Reply with attachment!

Our Add-In eliminates the most time consuming activity during replying to an email. It’s no longer necessary to save everytime every document on your disk or into your cloud storage, sometimes it’s just more likely to reply directly with all attachments and edit them in the email itself.

  • Reply to an email directly with all attachments.
  • Don’t worry about saving and reattaching documents and files.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time.
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Directly reply with attachment with the new two buttons!

All about “Reply With Attachment”

“Reply with attachment!” is a new kind of Microsoft Office/Outlook Add-In which is directly installed in your Microsoft Exchange Mailbox. Therefore, you only have to perform the installation once and the Outlook Add-In will be available on every desktop device. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to use Office Add-Ins with an Exchange mailbox. POP/IMAP mailbox are currently not supported by Microsoft.

This new kind of Office/Outlook Add-in is completely web-based which makes it on the one hand very easy to install and to maintain for you (maintenance is our job!), on the other hand you need an active internet connection to use it. We already created a feature request to Microsoft to implement offline functionalities in Office and especially in Outlook Add-Ins but it’s not there yet.

To save your personal data and to make the replying with attachment as fast as possible all actions happen in your environment. That means, that no email or attachment data is transferred to our server and everything takes place in your Microsoft Outlook client and your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

The reasons You’ll love it


2 buttons - 2 functions - 2x faster than before!

Focus on function

The very best applications have one thing in common: focus on the most important things and leave out all the rest (Yea, also Linkin Park said that more than 10 years ago!).


Reliability is key to success for every efficiency focused application!

Low code, low error

Our goal is to bring everytime the best user experience to you! Therefore we work with a complete software lifecycle process.

High availability

We work with solution matter experts in the area of server infrastructure to empower our customers!

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure CDN!

Running highly available server clusters isn’t our business therefore we work with the best to create marvellous services.

International and rapidly growing user base

Our user base is spread around the world and over 87 countries. Every week we grow about 5% with a focus in Central Europe, North America and CEE. This ensures us that we’re on the right track and the 7 day retentation rate of about 30-45% states it in black and white.

Join our growing user base and save time while directly replying with attachment!

Get in touch with us

You want to use “Reply with attachment!” with your company or large enterprise? Do you have a feature request or need some help? Just drop Thomas a message on LinkedIn!

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Our goal is to provide you a fully functional, fast and reliable Outlook Add-In. To avoid ads and license costs we appreciate every donation of our honest and cool customers to pay our high available infrastructure.

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